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Dschen Reinecke's IrDA-Infrarotport for PCs with Vishay Telefunken TFDS 4500

Status: 9th of Jan 2006
Die aktuelle deutsche Seite.

I am sorry, but almost all links on this page are links to german pages.
This small circuit is based on the Vishay Telefunken TFDS 4500. I could obtain this more easily, as that by Rainer Brang originally used Honeywell SDP8600-1.

I've got the Vishay Telefunken TFDS 4500 Datasheet and the Referenceimplementation. I use that examplecircuit, saves me the filtercondensers in the operating voltage however. Only the pins are attached
Pin Function Connector on Mainboard Cable on photo
3 Vcc Vcc red
2 Rxd Ir-Rxd orange
4 GND GND black
7 Txd Ir-Txd yellow
8 IRED anode connected with a 15 ohm resistance to Vcc
5 perhaps connect Sensitivity control to Vcc under bad conditions *

* Somebody had mailed that it was necessary with him so that it worked out. In the normal case, this pin should remain open.

Here once again the pinout, topview:

Simply that's it.Now it just has to be connected to the Mainboard.
I've also got pinouts of some Mainboards on my mainboard-page.

Thanks to all the people, that have mailed me pinouts.

Perhaps, it is best to cast a glance into the mainboard manual yet, could be nevertheless meaningfully again, because if anything goes up in smoke, I am not liable!
If its even more pinouts or bios-info or you want to report a successful test, I would be pleased about mails. Mail

I have another photo of the built part then:

If somebody needs a circuit diagram... I got one here as well:

Now, the IrDA support must be activated in the Bios. The UART, that controls the second serial interface, is normally adjusted to the Infraredport also, so the second serial interface is deactivated when using the UART for IrDa. Partially, informations are located on my mainboard-page.

Instaructins how to configure the drivers and settings are available on my server: Infraredconfiguration (ger.) for Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP and Linux.

Who wants to tell me anything could send me a mail.
You can order the TFDS 4500 and the 15-ohms-resistance on my shop-page

To solve problems with the data-communication see my troubleshooting-page (ger.).

Some links (ger.) to related pages.

Thank a lot Joerg K.Seifert (sysoap@gmx.de), who translated this page.